About Lancium Compute

Our Approach

Lancium uses computing to solve over-generation problems caused by the growth of renewable energy. Lancium data centers co-locate directly at renewable facilities and draw load when power prices are low (or when power would otherwise be wasted) and drop load when power is unavailable or expensive.

Lancium’s distributed compute and data management software will schedule and migrate workloads to different data centers as needed. Our software will also suspend and resumes jobs based on power availability. The net result is that running jobs at Lancium will be almost completely carbon neutral.

Every data center that consumes grid power has a carbon footprint. By contrast, Lancium Clean Compute Centers only consume green energy directly from the source.

Cost Savings

By their design, Lancium data centers have no UPS, HVAC or redundant systems. This proprietary design results in tremendous cost savings.

To counter intermittent power availability, Lancium "goes wide" by adding many resources. Importantly, these resources are older generation CPU’s and GPU’s which are very inexpensive. Lancium centers provide a home for servers that might otherwise be scrapped thereby reducing “e-waste”.

These cost savings are passed on directly to users.

The result: Lancium computing is up to 90% cheaper vs. the leading cloud providers.